Mohamed ‘Champa’ Moosa reportedly facing Rf100m EPA fine over reclamation

Mohamed ‘Champa’ Moosa has been fined Rf100m for alleged violations of the Environment Protection Act that damaged ecosystems around the island of Thun’bafushi in Kaafu Atoll.

Haveeru has reported that the Maldivian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued the fine over claims that a reclamation project linked to Moosa’s business interests had caused “irreversible changes” to the marine environment of the island.

The newspaper report cited an EPA statement claiming that a fine of Rf100m had been set, despite an estimated Rf2.23bn worth of damage being found to have been caused to the local environment as part of an assessment by the government-supervised agency. A fine of Rf100m is the most severe fiscal punishment able to be set by the EPA under its own rules.

The EPA is reportedly investigating other alleged activities conducted on the island deemed to have breached the Environment Protection Act.


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