Malé water supply cut after fire at MWSC

Malé Water and Sewerages Company (MWSC) has cut off all water supplies in the capital Malé after underground cables connecting the switch room and generator caught fire.

Local media reported MWSC – the sole provider of clean desalinated water in the capital – as saying that the water services had to be cut off in order to control the damage and that the service was employing all available means to restart the service within the next few hours.

The company has announced that water will be made available temporarily between 8pm – 9pm this evening, and again between 8am and 9pm tomorrow.

Minister of Defence Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim has declared the situation a disaster, setting up a task force and distributing free water via local shops. Local media has begun to report long queues forming outside shops to buy water as well as the price being increased in certain stores.

Police have confirmed one shopkeeper has been attacked, with Vaguthu reporting the assault as resulting from a failure to sell customers the desired amount of water.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) spokesperson Major Hussain Ali told Minivan News that the fire was reported to the fire and rescue department at around 1.40pm.

“MNDF officers were on the scene shortly and started working on controlling the fire. The fire was completely extinguished at around 3.25pm,” said Major Hussain.

An MNDF press statement detailing the incident read that the firemen on scene removed some of the ducts in order determine the source of the fire and that a separate team were then called to clear the thick smoke observed in the area.

Police confirmed that they are now investigating the cause of the fire.

MWSC does not rely on electricity generated by State Electric Company but instead operates its own generators to provide electricity for the desalination plant.

Most households in the capital rely on MWSC for their daily water needs, with well water – the traditional method of acquiring water – having become unhygienic due to poor drainage and leakage of contaminants into groundwater.

*story updated at 8:15pm


25 thoughts on “Malé water supply cut after fire at MWSC”

  1. Water? Who needs that! Letz get on with that 300 million dollar bridge... therez plenty of H2O in the sea.

  2. No water? Does this mean you guys are unable to brush your rotten tobacco stained teeth, freshen your foul breath, wash your fat bodies, shampoo your matted hair and flush the loo after you've done your business?
    The air in Male must smell like a public lavatory in Karachi.

  3. Refining water in rainwater tanks and selling it for 2Rf per 500ml bottle.

    Nothing's better than undercutting some greedy businessmen who're selling bottles of water for 50Rf.

  4. So how preaperd is Male to this kind of risks?

    Any plans to secure essential infrastuture from sabotage or foul play. There has to be plans for electricty, water, medical, telephone etc..

    And BTW, the water company should have a 2nd alternative, like Ooreedoo and Dhiraague.

    Also any callous culprits (in senior management) of the water company should be sent home

  5. Oh no.. then we might become like the people in your country! minus the stench

  6. @MissIndia. Still Maldivian will be much cleaner than your cow dung shits on then road and bathing from one of then worst contaminated river Ganga river.

    We do not need your assistance and neither the corrupt GMR to this nation.

    You and your GMR will not recover the money that you bribed to take our airport.

    We don't need smelly Indian to run our airport

  7. You guys should bring out a new fragrance called Eau de Male, with exotic notes of unwashed bodies, rancid breath and raw sewage.
    You can flog it to the tourists in your duty free shops as a souvenir of the Maldives.

  8. The president so concerned for the citizens of Male, has taken yet another unofficial visit ? Must be all that black magic he fears so much - dam those trees!

  9. Life is about living harmoniously in a community. Simple.

    Democracy is a way to do this, without particularly disadvataging a big sector.

    Community needs to be prepared for an event like this. Now that we realise these things are seriously lacking, the community needs to learn and make the plans better.

    Instead of whinging about who is fault here, instead of begging from almighty to help us out, use your damn brains and come up with a practical plan for the community.

    For a community with a relatively good IQ, considering the levels of exposure received, it's amazing how many is turning to help from heavens at the same time, doing everything against human decency, to fulfil selfish greed. Amazing to see the change of face of the shopkeeper, one day fasting and praying, and the next day scheming to squeeze the community in their time of need, by charging them over a 1000 times more than normal prices. Just doesn't make sense!.

  10. Maldives can never be too careful. Why is this happening to Maldives at this particular rtime. And what next..?

    Would the story of 'Free RO plants from neighbouring countries' be the headline tomorrow.. ? Would not be a surprise..

    In time of crisis, unity as a nation is paramount, irrespective of internal politics

    Maldives should take lessons from Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Afganistan and Paksitan.

  11. @Hussain

    Make sure your stocks are secure, OK? You dont want some paateys lookin' for a cheap profit stabbing you for your water, right?

    Good luck!

  12. @MissIndiia
    For once, please look at the situation as a life threatening scenario that is truly affecting the innocent, the simple Maldivians. No point being abusive on such a sensitive issue which some India cities have encountered before. What do you benefit from this?

    Respect your neighbor as you respect yourself. Sooner or later you will be drinking Indian mineral water donated by the same people you find as trash! China may be our best friend now but sorry by the time they give us water (which they wont), how would Male be? Well, no cow shit on pavements, but Maldivian shit!

    So you guys better shut up!!!!!

  13. At this point of time, it is not possible to believe the media because of inaccurate and debatable reporting.
    MWSC as irresponsible as they have been, they are silent about this!

  14. The cisis should not be an opportunity for any country to increase its influence on Maldives.

    The incident should be investigated to find who is really behind it.

  15. Facts, it's only life threatening to dumb people who don't know you have to boil rain water before drinking. It's only for a few days, no worries.

  16. Miss India is a Pakistani.This guy is using the same name on other websites and is trying to salvage the reputation of Indian people.We Indians really are very sensitive to this situation you guys are facing and we will stand beside you in this grave situation.Hope our government sends all the help you need.

  17. I Hope every thing gets alright in Male soon….
    Good to know that Indian Govt is doing the right thing……

  18. Miss India New Delhi
    is pakistani .. they want to spread hate among Maldivian people for India ... Please don't believe on him ...
    Love you Maldives ...

  19. MissIndiaAgarwaltheThug, Now NIMHANS is calling loud and clear that you have to be admitted immediately. Run, Run, Run get yourself admitted before you are found running naked on the streets. DETOX yourself from your hangover over Islamaphobia.

  20. All Maldives Utilities in the future needed to be owned, managed and operated by Maldivians. Maldivians are now living through this nightmare because of dependency on foreign ownership of major stake and management of prime utilities like water - MWSC, who has turned the whole thing to a political playground for foreign influences who are using the card to their best advantage. I do not rule out sabotage here.

  21. Guys just becoz someone has a name miss India doesnt mean HE is Indian....:) Beware of those who want to instigate animosity among countrymen and neighbors


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