MP Nasheed proposes bill criminalising sexual offenses

Independent Member of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has published on his personal blog a bill he submitted to parliament in June this year, proposing to criminalise sexual offences.

The bill defines actions to be taken against specific types of sexual offenses, including rape, spousal rape, prostitution, bestiality and incest.

Nasheed stated that he felt a bill like this is immensely important because of the serious nature of modern day sexual offenses. He states that the current legislative framework governing such offenses is too lenient, and that the proposed bill would provide a stronger penalisation structure.

Nasheed has said that he believes it is equally important to criminalise sexual offenses against adults, similar to the existing laws criminalising such acts against children.


7 thoughts on “MP Nasheed proposes bill criminalising sexual offenses”

  1. Shariah law already lays down a punishment for gay sex and he wants to punish us on top of that. And for what? Gay sex between consenting adults is a victimless crime. There's no need for additional punishments to be included in the common law.

    Isn't he implying that Shariah punishments are not enough?

    Decriminalise gay sex. That is the only way Maldives can grant us equal rights. HRCM should try find ways to make Islam and gay rights compatible. There are many people who believe that they can be reconciled. Here's a start:

    "Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights." - Hillary Clinton.

  2. we are not american and neither we are the followers of them .

    If you want f$%k with the same sex, you are free to go and live other countries who allow this and get f$%^&d there. that is your right to go any where.

  3. Maybe you should ban all gay tourism and then enjoy the international boycotts.

    I dare you Maldives !!!!

    Don't you find it hypercritical that the Maldives is burning the USA flag yet wants more USD !!!!!

  4. as a local homosexual fighting for our rights, I am deeply offended that this article has conveniently dropped the word "homosexual" from this list. A Dhivehi version on ( clearly mentions "homosexuality" as a crime, and i believe it is very important that your English version also explicitly say this to show how things really are to all your readers.

  5. @mody on Sat, 15th Sep 2012 2:09 PM

    awesome! so the government is gonna send homosexual off to a foreign country and leave them at peace? yeah right, like people can JUST leave the country and start a living off somewhere else that easy.

    oh and btw, America is not the only foreign country in this world. typical ignorant stereotyping.


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