Authorities plan 14-storey court building

A 14-storey building used to house the Maldives’ superior courts is to be designed by Riyan Private Limited for a total of MVR 470,000 (US$30,519).

An official from the Judiciary Media Unit told local media that the Criminal Court, Civil Court, Family Court, Juvenile Court and Drug Court are to be transferred into the building once it is complete.

Riyan Private Limited has 62 days to design the building, which is expected to help alleviate space constraints faced by the courts, local media has reported.

The building is planned to be built on plot number 378, near Aa Sahara Cemetery in Male’.


2 thoughts on “Authorities plan 14-storey court building”

  1. saabe and mdp ge company eh riyan akee.. govan fashaa konmeves echchekey, kameh nufenifa ehnun dheththo kaley men thibeneee!!!

  2. The souls of the Dead, would squirm in their coffins, at the corrupt Hyena-Judges that would occupy this new building, once completed.

    Can't we Maldivians even Rest in Peace, after dead. Oops Sorry, most would rot in Hell.


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