Nasheed ‘an innocent man and the Maldives’ great hope’: Amal Clooney

“It may be famous for the pristine holiday beaches of its Indian Ocean coastline but the Maldives has taken a dark authoritarian turn. In 2008, the island nation became a democracy after Mohamed Nasheed was sworn in as president after the country’s first-ever free and fair elections,” writes Amal Clooney in the Guardian.

“A charismatic leader, Nasheed introduced liberalising reforms at home, while calling for global action against climate change in an attempt to combat the rising sea levels that threaten to inundate the low-lying nation. His remarkable story is chronicled in the acclaimed documentary The Island President.

“Seven years later, however, Nasheed is in prison, having been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for the crime of “terrorism” following a politically motivated show trial.

“As a young man, Nasheed made a name for himself as a dissident journalist who challenged the repressive regime of Maumoon Gayoom, the Maldives’ long-serving dictator. Over a 15-year period, Nasheed was arrested more than 20 times. He was twice named by Amnesty International a prisoner of conscience.”

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2 thoughts on “Nasheed ‘an innocent man and the Maldives’ great hope’: Amal Clooney”

  1. Nasheed is the main actor and not George Clooney. The rest are all Drama Queens dancing to the beat of foreign interests who likes to indulge in the Maldives Affairs.

    Sir Richard Branson is bitter because he does not own properties in the Maldives and he hates Muslims.

    Mr. Bretton said Branson's fortunes are ill-begotten because he owes trillions to the tax authorities in the UK. His Virgin island properties are unable to compete with the Maldives resorts.

    Bitter hatred leads him to Nasheed- Anni clan and financing anti-government activity.


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