Nasheed faces “uphill battle” if he doesn’t win in first round: The Hindu

“As campaigning for presidential elections in the Maldives came to a close ahead of Saturday’s polls, the question is if former President Mohamed Nasheed will win conclusively in the first round,” writes R.K. Radakrishnan for the Hindu.

“Mr. Nasheed, and his supporters in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) have no doubt that voters will give him the 50-per-cent-plus votes mandated in the Constitution for a victory in the first round. “I will meet you on 8th ,” he said.

The MDP organised two massive rallies in about a week to prove the point that Mr. Nasheed’s support base has only grown in the 18 months since he was ousted.

Friday’s concluding rally, in Majeedhee Magu, the main commercial street of Male, was a treat to watch. Mr. Nasheed walked the length of the street, waving to people, soliciting their votes.”

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4 thoughts on “Nasheed faces “uphill battle” if he doesn’t win in first round: The Hindu”

  1. The people have to elect Nasheed if the Maldives is to keep up with the development that began in 2008 with the election of president Nasheed as the first liberal democratic leader after 30 years of hippocracy by president Gayoom, now spiritual leader of PPM, a political party he formed after breaking with DRP also a brainchild of his. President Nasheed was the first leader to recognise the Maldives has plentiful resources that could be usefully utilised to develop the country a great deal.

  2. People had seen what kind of damage Fili Findi Nasheed had done in 3 years and how much money he had robbed.

    This is why majority of Maldivian had said no to Nasheed.

    Indian media and GMR can spent millions to re-elect Nasheed and those money will go again waste on 28th too.

    It will be better for GMR to give up on Nasheed now.

    Nasheed is an activist and he is good to organize rallies and create violence on but can not manage a country.

    A person who could not managed his own company can not expect to manage a country.

  3. Uphill battle only if Anni was going to go against Gasim. Since its going to be against Yameen, the next round shall be a piece of cake for Anni.

  4. lets see that.

    yellow party having been saying that there will not be any second round but proven wring again.

    yellow leader was saying that unless miracle happened , he will win in the first round on live TV program with Leeza from TVM but proven wrong.

    yellow leader was saying that he will have early election outside the constitution but only election happened within the constitution.


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