Nasheed pays courtesy call on BJP leader

Former President Mohamed Nasheed paid a courtesy call to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Leader Vijay Jolly in New Delhi yesterday (August 6), reports One India News.

“The rise of radical Muslim fundamentalism in Maldives, its serious implications on peace and security in our region, the involvement of Maldivian militants in the Mumbai terror attack of Nov 26, 2008, killing 164 people and wounding 308 civilians, and the Maldivian military trained ‘dropouts’ found fighting in Syria for ISIS were discussed at length,” read a statement from Jolly’s office.

Former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem was also present at the 45-minute meeting, according to the BJP statement .

Nasheed, the acting president of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), reportedly praised Prime Minister Narenda Modi and expressed admiration for his style of governance.

The leader of the Maldivian opposition also conveyed greetings to BJP’s newly-elected President Amit Shah.

The statement added that an agreement was reached to establish a party-to-party relationship between the BJP and the MDP.

Speaking at an MDP rally in June, Nasheed had said that the “biggest relief” the Indian government could offer the Maldives over compensation owed to Indian infrastructure giant GMR for the premature termination of its airport development deal was assistance in changing the government.


One thought on “Nasheed pays courtesy call on BJP leader”

  1. who is this guy to talk on behalf of this country. This guy had hijacked MDP and had hijacked Maldives for sometime and we the people of Maldives had managed to get independent from the guy.

    There was no proof of any Maldivian involvement in Mumbai terror attack , except this idiot word saying that there were Maldivian.

    Radical islam faction got the power during Nasheed regime and he was the person who made them so strong .

    I guess that was done intentionally with the hope that world community will force then to have multi religious freedom in Maldives which was something Nasheed was craving about.

    No matter what Nasheed does, GMR will not be reinstated in this soil and even India can not forced us to do this.


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