Nasheed requests intervention in Hulhumale Magistrate Court legitimacy case

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has requested the Supreme Court allow him to intervene in the case over the legitimacy of the Hulhumale Magistrate Court.

Nasheed is to face charges in the Hulhumale Court over the unconstitutional arrest and detention of Chief Criminal Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Procedural points regarding the legitimacy of the Hulhumale Court had been raised by former president Mohamed Nasheed’s legal team, the claims over the courts legitimacy were however dismissed by the Hulhumale Magistrate Court.

The Supreme Court issued an order over the High Court to cease its cases regarding the legitimacy issue of the Hulhumale Magistrate Court, until a decision had been reached.

The Supreme Court has confirmed the request made by Nasheed to intervene in the Hulhumale Court legitimacy case, however it is yet to respond to the request, court said.

The first hearing of the case is scheduled for 2:00pm today at the Supreme Court.

The case is being tried at Supreme Court upon request from the Judicial Services Commission to take over the case from the lower court.