Nasheed to attend final session of all-party talks at Bandos

Former President Mohamed Nasheed will represent the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) at the final session of the all-party roadmap talks being held at Bandos Island Resort this weekend, says Haveeru.

The three day talks, scheduled to start today, represent a break-through in the dialogue between the MDP and the government coalition parties. The group will discuss a newly defined agenda comprising six issues which will include, in order of precedence, how to resolve public disturbances, the budget situation, reform of independent institutions, new laws, constitutional amendments and, finally, early presidential elections.

The talks began in February but have faltered, with disagreements over the talk’s aims, methods, and make-up, all hampering genuine progress over the past months.

Convener of the roadmap talks Ahmed Mujuthaba, initiated with the assistance of Indian diplomats, has been assisted by United Nations mediation expert Pierre Yves Monett.

Former Minister for Tourism Mariyam Zulfa, who served under Nasheed’s presidency and who has represented the party at recent all-party talks, told Minivan News this week that the MDP hoped all leaders could assemble on the final day of the talks to sign a draft agreement.


2 thoughts on “Nasheed to attend final session of all-party talks at Bandos”

  1. Hehehe...

    Nasheed will be so stoned, he would sign it all, and then claim, it was somebody else who pushed him to do it.

    Afterwards he would realise, he has yet again put at risk so many of his stooges' at risk financially, whereby he would vow return and resurrect street riots with more vigour.

  2. Who elected the present government and whom are they representing. What is their mandate to decide things. Waheed was Nasheed's running mate..not Maumoon's or Gasims. In which part of the world an elected leader and his cabinet is replaced by the opposition with out people's mandate..?


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