Nasheed to ‘go it alone’ in run-off: Eurasia Review

Presidential candidate Gasim Ibrahim appears to have been upset over the election results. He said that he will not accept the results announced by the Election Commission. He also alleged that over 10000 voters who were not registered had voted in the elections, writes Dr S Chandrasekharan for the Eurasia Review.

It is doubtful whether Gasim would succeed in his court case in the face of the findings of many neutral observers. It also looks very doubtful whether Gasim would whole heartedly support Yameen Abdulla as their relationship has a bitter history.

Perhaps Nasheed must have taken these into consideration in deciding to go it alone and not go for a coalition with other parties. His experience in the first term where he was unable to get along with those who voted for him like Gasim, Hassan Saeed and others must have made him decide not to go against coalition this time.

On the other hand the other candidate Abdulla Yameen, Gayoom’s half brother will have no compunction to use every card available with him to show that not only the country but also Islam will be unsafe under Nasheed. Some of his supporters may also resort to “India bashing”.

Already the rabid leader Sheikh Mohammed Shaheen Ali Saeed of Adhaalath party has declared that he would join the PPM of Yameen. Some allegations are already being made that the GMR will be brought back to run the international Airport of Male to favour India in case Nasheed is voted to power.

With all other groups ganging up against Nasheed which we saw in the first round itself, it looks that it is not going be an “easy walk” for him in the runoff.

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