Nasheed’s lawyers called to High Court

Lawyers representing former President Mohamed Nasheed have been summoned to the High Court to confirm statements made in relation to the Hulhumalé Magistrates Court case.

Nasheed had asked the court in April to expedite proceedings after the case stalled over twelve months ago.

Haveeru have today reported that lawyer Hisaan Hussein to sign previous statements in the case, whose introduction called to a halt Nasheed’s prosecution for the January 2012 detention of Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

Judge Abdulla’s arrest sparked three weeks of anti-government protests in January, leading to Nasheed’s eventual resignation on February 7, 2012.

The case filed by Nasheed’s legal team challenging the legality of the magistrate court bench was stalled after the Judicial Services Commission suspended the judge presiding over the case pending an investigation a disciplinary matter.

During the hearings held at the High Court, the JSC contended that the High Court did not have jurisdiction to rule on the case as the panel of judges presiding over Nasheed’s trial was appointed based on counsel from the Supreme Court