National Gallery hosts ‘Psykura’ art exhibition

The Maldives National Art Gallery has this week hosted the Psykura art exhibition, showcasing the work of local artists. The exhibition was staged by Maldivian Psychedelic Arts and The Underground Movement, in association with Location Maldives.

The exhibition, open since Wednesday (September 11) seeks to educate and inspire its visitors to understand the value of freedom of expression.

“Besides multiple meanings of the word Psykura, it is meant to define the creative impulses of our psyche that bubbles and steams by the influence of the environment or the society. This natural need to express is via art. The universal language that transcends spoken language or where you are from,” the event’s organisers have explained.

“Freedom of creative expression must not be restricted if we are to prosper as a nation. Maldives needs to recognize the creative potential of its people by offering them the opportunities in order to increase local productivity.”

The exhibition will close this evening, with a live performance by Mariyam Athif at 7pm tonight (September 14).

See pictures of the exhibition here.