Tobacco Control Act could see tomato, potato cultivation banned

Tomato and potato cultivation could be banned in the Maldives under requirements outlined under the new Tobacco Control Act, local media has reported today.

Under the act, the cultivation of any species in the tobacco family – which includes potatoes, tomatoes and peppers – would be prohibited in the Maldives.

The tobacco family known as Solanaceae contains roughly 90 genera and around 2,000 species.

Assistant Director of the Agricultural Ministry Mohamed Naseem was quoted in local media as saying that the new law would prohibit the cultivation of potato and tomato in the country. He stated that the issue has been brought to the attention of the health ministry and that it must be revised.

The Agriculture Ministry has met the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control over the matter.


4 thoughts on “Tobacco Control Act could see tomato, potato cultivation banned”

  1. This is an over excegeration of the meaning. I believe it is deliberate as well to distract from people from the implementation of the smoke free public places regulation by trying to ridicule the act. The act does not prohibit the cultivation of vegetables in the country

  2. this is what will happened when some idiots were elected to be our MPs?

    Some of these MP even does not know how to write a proper letter ?

    Some of them even do not have o'level education? But want to be a part of our people who make laws ? what a joke ?

  3. Maldives have witnessed a try at tobacco ban!
    Consequences were said to be:

    Cigars were brought in as tea with a "T"!
    And a President had to face the music!

    I am sure many people with roots in smuggling will be aware of the 400% duty in the Maldives! Hahaaaa!

  4. I was in Maldives by the end of 2010 and I made a friend there who told me that the former presidend (dictator actually) tried to ban tobacco once. Almost got himself killed because of the try.

    It was difficult even in a country such Maldives, where alcohol is banned as a ilicit drug.

    That friend over there at least had a liberal mind, despite the ultra-religious country. He told me that he was a an atheist (fact keep secret from the family) and that prohib people to use substances is stupid. No wonder we became friends. lol.


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