New Maldivian ambassadors appointed

President Mohamed Nasheed yesterday appointed a number of new ambassadors to represent the country’s interests in Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Spain as well as a High Commissioner for Sri Lanka.

During an appointment ceremony held yesterday at the President’s Office, Ali Hussain Didi and Adam Hassan were installed as the Maldivian Ambassadors to Belgium and Saudi Arabia respectively. Hussain Shihab also received an appointment letter at the ceremony to serve as the Maldives High Commissioner for Sri Lanka.

Dr Farahanaz Faizal was also yesterday appointed as the Ambassador of the Maldives to Spain in a non-resident capacity.

According to Nasheed, the appointments reflect the need for the Maldives to co-exist with other nations and people of different opinions with “respect and integrity”.


2 thoughts on “New Maldivian ambassadors appointed”

  1. Does this sound like the last years of Maumoon when he posted those he had to demote from Ministers as High Commissioners and Ambassadors!!!!


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