Nexbis files court case over Maldives contract termination

Nexbis has filed a case with the Maldives Civil Court claiming that the People’s Majlis lacks the jurisdiction to order the government to terminate the IT company’s Border Control System (BCS) contract.

The lawyer representing the Malaysia-based mobile security provider, Ismail Wisham, revealed that the case was filed at Civil Court on Tuesday (December 25).

Wisham also stated that a request had been filed with the court to issue an order that the government delay parliament’s decision to cancel the contract until outstanding several ongoing trials in the country concerning the contract were resolved.

Earlier this week, parliament voted unanimously to instruct the government to terminate the border control project agreement with Nexbis.

All 74 MPs in attendance voted in favour of a Finance Committee recommendation following a probe into the potential financial burden placed on the state as a result of the deal.

Speaking to local media on Tuesday (December 25), Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed claimed the government would respect parliament’s unanimous decision to halt the BCS project agreement with Nexbis.


2 thoughts on “Nexbis files court case over Maldives contract termination”

  1. These MPs are bunch of jokers and they are trying to rule this country.

    They only concern about thier own money and then how much more they can take from public money and from corruption.

    The biggest and most corrupted institution in Maldives is parliament and these monkeys are slicing down the democracy in this country.

    Nexbiz contract is something which is not good but we may have to renegotiate with them to find a better solution.

    But these Mps, now thinks that they are above the law and they are to run the government and to manage the juduaciry.

    These monkeys set thier wages and they set thier holidays and they set thier benefits packages after they get kick out also.

    These monkeys are changing the laws to make the country responsible to look after them and their family for life. What a non sense is this ?

    These monkeys does not know that they were elected to be there for 5 year provided that they properly represent the people and not a warrantee to be there for 5 years .

    These monkey now need to give a serious thought on this issue and hope that they will realize that the power is not with them and power is with the normal citizen .

  2. The contract with Nexbis was reeking with fraud from the start and so it is now 'ingocnito la void' the same as was the case with GMR. GMR went home and now Nexbis will have to follow suit.


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