Nine year-old child admitted to hospital after apparent suicide attempt

A nine year-old boy has been rescued by his 14 year-old brother from an apparent suicide attempt on Thinadhoo in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, reports Haveeru.

Police said the boy had was found hanging from a coconut palm and was now in intensive care at Thinadhoo Regional Hospital, where his condition was improving.

Police are now investigating the incident.

The Department of Family and Gender runs a 24 hour toll-free Child Helpline, available on 1412.


6 thoughts on “Nine year-old child admitted to hospital after apparent suicide attempt”

  1. The poor child must have been abused either physically or psychologically or both.

    There was a extream case of abuse that happened recently in the U.S where the child died, lock up in a box.

  2. The next one would say, a two year old has committed suicide.

    Guys come on! This is not Rannamaari generation.

  3. Not very clever reporting is it minivan news crew???!
    why did he do it? Ask friends? where did he hang out? where does he study? what does the people he has regular contact with say? 9 year olds do not just wake up one day and decide to attempt a suicide.
    Well do not stop here follow through with the story and find out and report promptly , I am waiting.
    ( tapping my feet )

  4. i agreee with the uunknown person. the reporting is poor and a bit bla bla sounds almost like a rumor.. either go deeper into the story or dont report at all.

  5. The quality of journalism for this website is evident from all the grammatical mistakes that are visible on such a simple and short article.


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