No Dhivehi word for folklore, note Hay Festival lineup

The Hay Festival may stimulate the creation of a new Dhivehi word for Folklore, after Abdulla Sodiq and Habeeba Hussain Habeeb came together with Badru Naseer to prepare for their live event, which will take place on the outdoor stage on Friday 15 October.

The trio realised that there was no Dhivehi word for ‘folklore’, and discussed the creation of a new term to reclaim and draw together Maldivian stories from long ago.

‘Vehi Vaahaka’ was suggested, however, whether this will take remains open to debate and the
conversation will continue during their festival event on Aarah.

Meanwhile the Dhivehi Raivaru event line up has been revealed, with three young voices taking to the stage on Saturday 16 October, as part of Hay Festival Maldives’ celebration of Maldivian culture.

Hussain Mubarik from Laamu Atoll, Fathimath Shiuna from Male’ and Dunya Abdul Rahmaan, currently studying at Hiriyaa School Male’, will sing to the festival audience in what promises to be a unique event.

The workshop programme on the final day of the festival has also been announced, and is dedicated to the next generation of artists and thinkers.

Workshops for schools and faculties will take place, so that students can learn from experts about a wide variety of subjects, all with the sole aim of encouraging and inspiring participation.

Through the festival, children and young people will have the world of writing, journalism, art, music and science at their fingertips.

The workshop and talks programme includes: Horticulturist and television presenter Monty Don gardening with students on Soneva Gili, environmental expert Mark Lynas brainstorming on climate change and freelance journalist Anita Sethi on blogging and the internet.

Science correspondent at The Guardian, Alok Jha, will look at writing comment pieces, interview techniques and the importance of research. Internationally acclaimed novelist Ian McEwan will revisit the start of his creative writing career, while Sabina Manik, the established artist and poet, will lead a session on poetry.

United Artists of Maldives will bring an Introduction to Visual Art into classrooms and students will discover the versatility of items usually cast into the rubbish bin with Maldivian Youth Climate Network, whilst also learning about the vital need to reduce waste in our everyday lives.

The Hay Festival Maldives aims to celebrate the archipelago both as a global treasure and as a rich and diverse heritage drawing on two thousand years of poetry, music and art.

Facing the urgent environmental challenge of climate change, and armed with the power of pluralist democracy, Festival organisers describe the event as “a great opportunity to talk and play together for these four days and to revel in the astonishing wealth of culture that complements the world’s most beautiful and vulnerable islands.”

Residents’ Day Passes
Friday 15 October – 50 Rf
Saturday 16 October – 100 Rf

Tickets include all events on Aarah and return transport from Male. The residents’ box office is located at Olympus. Tickets can be bought in person at the box office between 1pm and 10pm, or by phone on 991 1429.

Non-Residents’ Day Passes
Friday 15 October – $50 USD
Saturday 16 October – $100 USD

Tickets include all events on Aarah and return transport from participating resorts. Non-residents can book online at or by phone on +44 (0)1497 822 629.

All tickets will also be available at the Celebration Launch at the Artificial Beach on Thursday 14 October. Please note the Celebration Launch is a non-ticketed, free event.

Minivan News is a media partner of the Hay Festival Maldives.


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  1. In my opinion a good word would be "LoAsaar" as in the word "Lomaafaanu". How can i submit this word to the committee on word creation.

  2. Folk lore in the maldives was recited through a medium of instrumentless vocal. It is called Raivaru. not many people know that.

    Michael kaine


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