No future for metal in the Maldives, says band

Representing the Maldives in the global music arena, Sacred Legacy is a metal band with a vision to conquer, writes Hansini Munasinghe for Sri Lanka’s Sunday Times.

“As they sit around a coffee table, the brutality they unleashed on stage recently at High Voltage seems momentarily forgotten, yet the eager gleams in their eyes betray their passion.

Formed in 2006 by Shayd, the lead guitarist and the “key person” of the band, Sacred Legacy have so far released two albums of remarkable quality, Sacred Legacy (2006) and Apocalypse (2007) and have been invited to concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.Their albums are available through 30 online stores.

“There is no future for metal in the Maldives. So we are aiming at taking our music to the international level,” explains Shayd, adding that the international community is surprised to hear of the existence of metal music in the Maldives.

“Every step we take is a challenge,” adds Wadde, the drummer of the band, elaborating on the limitations of the underground metal scene.

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One thought on “No future for metal in the Maldives, says band”

  1. as someone who personally knows, and have had the pleasure of jamming with this band I can only say this these guys, if no other band here, deserve international recognition. I have personally witnessed how the few who (not so) secretly hold a monopoloy over the maldivian entertainment sector berated and purposefully held these guys back.

    the metal musicians here are well loved, and extremely talented. It's about time somebody recognized the immense potential here and did something to help them out.


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