No pending charges against Azlif Rauf, says Criminal Court

The Criminal Court has confirmed that there are no pending charges against Azlif Rauf of Henveiru Hilton, hence the court has not issued an order to the Department of Immigration and Emigration to hold his passport.

Yesterday (January 9) it was reported that Azlif Rauf travelled to Turkey with six members of Malé’s Kuda Henveiru gang.

The seven also included an individual arrested over the disappearance of Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan, one man arrested for issuing a death threat, one man classified by the police as a dangerous criminal, and three men with criminal records, local media have reported.

Hussain Humam Ahmed, now serving a life sentence over the Afrasheem murder, named Azlif and five others in the organising of the killing in October 2012. Humam later retracted the confession claiming it had come under duress.

Officials at the Prosecutor General’s Office told Minivan News that they had pressed terrorism charges against Rauf on October 3, 2013, before withdrawing them on September 11, 2014 “for further review”. No decision has yet been made on the case.

They also stated that no decision has been made on the file sent by Maldives Police Services regarding Azlif Rauf’s potential involvement in the Afrasheem murder.


One thought on “No pending charges against Azlif Rauf, says Criminal Court”

  1. You ever wonder why the gangsters, the thugs and the murderers and rapists protested when Nasheed arrested abdulla mohamed?

    It's because they need corrupt judges to make sure there are no pending charges against people like Azlif.


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