No sale of alcohol on Fuvamulah “where people are most religious”: Adhaalath

The Adhaalath Party’s Fuvamulah Wing has said that the government’s attempt to allow the sale of alcohol to foreigners by designating islands as uninhabited cannot go ahead on the island of Fuvamulah, ‘’which has the most number of people who can recite the Quran by heart.’’

In a press statement, the party claimed that government had “failed in its earlier attempts to legalise the trade of alcohol on inhabited islands and has now chosen another way to do it, which is by decreeing areas on inhabited islands as uninhabited.”

‘’Given that Fuvamulah has the most number of people who have learned the Quran by heart, it is like a slap on the face for the islanders of Fuvamulah,’’ the statement said. ‘’The world has seen that tourism can happen without nightclubs, casinos, alcohol and pork.’’

The party’s Fuvamulah Wing also claimed that the government was discriminating against Fuvamulah, referring to an incident when President decided to have a public referendum on whether to change the name of Thinadhoo to ‘Havru Thinadhoo’, that Fuvamulah being a large island was not considered in the list of islands to become cities.

Furthermore, the Adhaalath Party’s Fuvamulah Wing said that its members on the island will “fully corporate with the government and will work for free” to build guest villas, so long as there would be “no work inconsistent with the tenets of Islam.”

On September 2 the President’s Office said that President Mohamed Nasheed has signed two decrees, affirming the “Bilhifeyshi” area and “Thoon’du” area of Fuvammulah as two uninhabited islands under the decentralisation act.

Earlier this week at a press conference, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, Adhaalath Party spokesperson, said that the decrees were part of a “Satanic plot” to sidestep legal prohibitions to selling alcohol in inhabited islands.

“We are not opposed at all to building a city hotel for the development of Fuvahmulah,” he said. “But you don’t have to sell alcohol at every city hotel. The Adhaalath Party sees the declaration of uninhabited islands within Fuvahmulah as an absurd move, as an act of madness.”


6 thoughts on “No sale of alcohol on Fuvamulah “where people are most religious”: Adhaalath”

  1. "“But you don’t have to sell alcohol at every city hotel."

    Adhaalath is unfit to make business decisions for Maldives. Everybody knows a hotel without a bar is a bad hotel. 🙂

  2. Kaley men enmenna halaaku huri! Raa boa meehunna Halaaku huri! Raa Vikkaa Meehunna Halaaku huri!

    Asthagufiru'laah, consider the glaring hypocrisy of a Muslim Nation that sells a beverage that is cleary sinful and haraam, merely so that we can make more money. Shall we become rich in this life, and forego the hereafter? Naay, it is better to be impoverished in this life, but remain true to our that we can find peace in the hereafter.

    Truly our nation has become a wicked one. Feminists, secularists, homosexuals, whorish women in nothing but shirts and jeans, and finally..drunkards. Wicked, wicked wicked! All should be garroted on the spot!

  3. Adhaalath.. Adhaalath... Adhaalath..

    mee dhen kihaa bodu kameh tha?
    Keeve tha Adhaalathu aa alhaigen netten naengigen mi ulhenee?

    It seems there is a serious brain drain in Minivan and is running out of isses to write about. So its always about Adhaalath did this or Adhaalath did that.

    Sad Minivan came to this.
    I remember the proud days when Minivan was officially banned at all govt. offices for standing up to political corruption of the past regime. With the regime change Minivan has lost the bad guy to fight with and seems forever fixed upon Adhaalath, a timid faltering political NGO which actually has a lot of public sympathy.

    So Minivan is actually writing itself out and discrediting itself by barking at the wrong tree.

    Lemme give a hint:
    Minivan can do much better by fixing attention on these following parties

    MSDP (social democratic party)
    Fageerukan Nathaalaa party (poverty alleviation party)
    Labour party
    People's Alliance
    Islamic Democratic Party
    Social Liberal Party
    and any other parties which do similar disservice to their names..


  4. True we do not need to sell alcohol in resorts if the tourists are from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s Mullah Community; but for this kind of tourist we have supply handsome boys age between twelve to eighteen years old. Maybe Adhaalath party can propose the president to build resorts targeting Mullah Community in Fuvamulh.


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