“Not easy to flush the remnants of a dictatorship,” Nasheed tells Daily Show

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a popular US current affairs program that averages two million viewers a night.

As with many of his appearances to promote the Island President, the topic quickly turned to Nasheed’s resignation “under duress” on Feburary 7.

“It is easy to beat a dictator in an election, but it is not easy to flush the remnants of a dictatorship, they come back, and with a vengeance,” Nasheed told Stewart.

“Since the coup the vast majority of people have been out on the streets in support [of us]. We are not seeing many supporters in favour of Gayoom, but he has the police, the military the judiciary and the institutions,” Nasheed said.

“We are asking the US government to impress upon the Maldives government the need to have elections as quickly as possible,” he explained.

“I can only assume our government is doing everything it possibly can to help, because that’s how we roll,” Stewart replied, sardonically.

“I think they got the wrong end of the stick to start with. I hope they are now understanding the ground reality. I met your officials and was encouraged, but they seem to have to ask everyone around the Maldives before they can say anything,” Nasheed observed.

This meant India, suggested Stewart.

“India is very large and influential – but I wonder if it is an intelligent thing to outsource your foreign policy,” Nasheed suggested.

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4 thoughts on ““Not easy to flush the remnants of a dictatorship,” Nasheed tells Daily Show”

  1. That is something you need to learn.

    You wet your pants the moment someone boo'ed at you.

    You call yourself presidential material? dream on.

    It is a game. A game of cat and mouse. And you are a mouse. A whining mouse... mummy... I lost my job....mummy...

  2. Outsourcing America's foreign policy? This will rattle a few nerves in the State Department. We ARE going to see more action.

  3. hahaha!what a cartoon!The man is attempting nothing less than suicide now.He has betrayed the trust and damaged the reputation of the Queen and the conservatives of the U.K. by exposing to the world how biased they were in meddling in the internal affiars of a tiny country.Now he is trying to incite revolution in America by telling it's citizens they r wrong to be sitting at home and not taking their government into account by protesting on the streets and also trying to teach the state department of the m8ty U.S about forign policy!, and meddling with and undermining india's influence in South Asia and it's credibility as an aspiring super power.

    Adding to all that, this small man from a small country is trying to eat into the budgets of the industrialized nations and shares of multi-millionaire owned MNC's by trying to champion a cause no sane politician will ever take up-Enviornment!!....I have only one advice for Nasheed now! BEware!!!

  4. Mr. Nasheed is a brave man. Faced with the dire situation of survival as you are in the Maldives, I would think you would want a brave man running your country.


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