NSPA says Madhana won’t cover new clinic rates

National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) Director, Ibrahim Waheed, has told Haveeru that the Madhana health insurance scheme will not cover increased fees at private clinics. The government lifted control of clinic charges this week.

Earlier this week, an informed source told Minivan News that the clinic fees were likely to stay within the scope of the Madhana’s program.

NSPA reported said the Madhana program only covers the rates currently charged at hospitals and clinics. Any excess charges after the current Madhana rate will have to be paid for by the patient.

Haveeru News reports that some clinics have agreed to keep their current rates, to protect their clients. However, those clinics that want to increase their prices will be required to stop providing insurance services.

Clinics are still required to give the government a month’s notice before implementing price changes.