One million Rf chunk of ambergris found in Baa Atoll

A group of people who went fishing from Fulhadhoo in Baa Atoll found an 8.5 kilogram piece of ambergris thought to be worth up to one million Rf, reports Haveeru.

Abdul Kareem Mohamed, 47, found the piece of ambergris whilst on a fishing trip to Baa Undoodhoo. Mohamed and the dhoni crew who discovered the ambergris are currently in Male’ trying to sell it.

Even though many modern chemicals are used in the manufacture of perfumes, ambergris remains popular and fetches a very high price in the market.

One of the largest pieces of ambergris found was the “bark splendid of Dunedin” New Zealand, which was found in 1883 and wieghed in at 983 lb( 446.82 Kg). It was sold for $250,000.