One million rufiya expected in donations for mosques: Islamic Ministry

The “Help Mosques Fund” set up by the Islamic Ministry received approximately Rf 950,000 Rufiyaa (US$61,608) within one hour on Friday.

Thirty-two donation boxes were placed on Friday in mosques around Male’ to collect money for mosque repairment works in preparation for Ramadan.

Permanent Secretary for the Islamic Ministry Mohamed Didi said the fund is expected to collect about one million rufiya by the end of the week, reports local newspaper Haveeru.

“We noticed how prepared some people were to help the mosques. Some of them just put 10,000 rufiya in an envelope and donated it,” Didi told Haveeru.

The fund will be open for donations at the Islamic Centre in Male’ until June 14, according to the ministry.


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  1. LOL. Suckers. Keep eating leftover garudhiya and stale roshi while we wine and dine and drink Bon Aqua with your money. Just keep the indulgence money flowing.

    Money, money, money.. Must be honey. In the Mullah's world. Cut to Shaheem rolling around on a bed of dollars.


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