Over 1,600 unwanted jobs in Male’: HR Ministry

With over 1,600 job opportunities in the Male’ region, only 300 people seeking employment have registered at the Human Resource Ministry’s career guidance center, reports Haveeru.

According to Deputy Minister Hussein Ismail, a survey conducted last month showed that there were 1,639 vacancies in private businesses and offices in Male’ alone. Some 24,094 employers in Male’ were surveyed.

However, only 300 people have applied at the ministry’s career guidance centre looking for jobs.

Of the total 22,642 employees in private enterprises in the Greater Male’ region, 10,210 are expatriates. Some 23,849 locals are meanwhile employed in the civil service.


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  1. This is a huge problem, the fact is there are trice the number of unemployed in greater Male' region, the question is why aren't they applying


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