Parliament approves MVR46million budget for audit office

Parliament today approved an annual budget of MVR46 million (US$2.9 million) for the Auditor General’s Office for 2015 as recommended by the public accounts committee (PAC).

The PAC’s report was approved unanimously with 64 votes in favour.

While the audit office had requested a MVR93 million (US$6 million) budget, the Ministry of Finance and Treasury advised the public finance oversight committee that the audit office’s annual expenses would not exceed MVR46 million.

The finance ministry pledged to provide additional funds out of the contingency budget if the audit office’s functioning was affected by budget restrictions.

The Auditor General’s Office had requested allocations of funds for the construction of an office in Hulhumalé. However, Finance Minister Abdulla Jihad told the committee of plans for a building to house all independent institutions.