Parliament approves signing Convention against Transnational Organised Crime

Parliament approved the Maldives acceding to the United Nations (UN) Convention against Transnational Organised Crime following consideration by committee on Monday (December 17) .

Transnational crimes specified in the convention include terrorism, drug smuggling, illegal migration, fraud, kidnapping, money laundering, and human trafficking.

Once the convention is officially signed, the specified crimes committed by a Maldivian or foreign national can be prosecuted in Maldivian courts.

Also at Monday’s sitting, MPs passed a resolution calling on the government to issue without delay MVR 100 million (US$6.4 million) allocated for fuel subsidies to fishermen from the 2012 state budget.

A bill proposed by pro-government Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) MP Riyaz Rasheed to specify circumstances where state benefits could be denied to ex-Presidents was meanwhile rejected after preliminary debate.