Parliament breaks for two-month recess

Parliament broke for a two-month recess today following the final sitting of the third and last session of 2012.

According to the parliamentary rules of procedure, the first session of 2013 will begin during the first week of March.

Among the bills passed by parliament this year included the legislation on domestic violence, business profit tax, business registration, sole traders, freedom of assembly, political parties, parliamentary privileges, jails and parole and privatisation rules.

An amendment was also approved this month to allow sittings to be held during recess upon request by 26 MPs.


One thought on “Parliament breaks for two-month recess”

  1. These Mps deserves to take 11 months break and not just two months.

    They have been working night and day in the office robbing this country and they need to be given 11 months leave.


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