Parliament committee passes implementing tobacco-free zones as scheduled

Tobacco-free zones are to be implemented from January 1, 2013, after the Subordinate Regulations Committee of the People’s Majlis decided not to delay their introduction, local media has reported.

Entitled “Regulation of Determining Tobacco-Free Zones”, the regulation aims at inhibiting the consumption of tobacco products by prohibiting smoking in certain public areas.

Traders’ associations and MP for Nolhivaram Constituency Mohammed Nasheed proposed to delay the starting date of the Regulation for one year, according to local newspaper Haveeru.

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs were reported to have  supported the proposal to delay the starting date, claiming there to be “a lot of issues” with the regulation.

After considering the matter, the Subordinate Regulations Committee made a final decision on a narrowly-approved vote.

Under the new regulation, smoking or similar consumption of tobacco will be prohibited within the following places; tea shops, cafes and restaurants, parks, government office premises, office premises of companies with government shareholding, office premises of independent state institutions, public places where people usually gather in numbers, old age homes, homes for those who need special care, and rehabilitation centres.

However, under special permission from the Ministry of Health, cafes and restaurants can define a special area where people can smoke.


2 thoughts on “Parliament committee passes implementing tobacco-free zones as scheduled”

  1. No no no.. This would not do.

    This is actually beneficial to the wider community. This cannot be allowed to happen! Please arrange for a quick revoke of this bill. One of you can put this on the eternal loop of our court system.

    Lower Court->High Court->Supreme Court->Parliament->President office-> and then start at the Lower court again, with a minor tweak in the words of the case.

    I am surprised why this gets approved. It must be a hidden jealousy against some of the businessmen who drool on the cigarette gold pot. Maldives is full of jealousy/hate driven personalised cases. It is NEVER about the benefit of the wider community.

  2. Oh, I get it, you're being sarcastic.

    I'll add a non sarcastic comment to even things out.

    FACT: Smokers are the worst.

    1) They polute the air wherever they want to with no regard for anyone around them, even young kids and babies.
    2) They litter their cigarette butts everywhere without a second thought. Understandably, I could see how many local Maldivians won't understand this point as littering is just a common thing to do here, but anyone who takes pride in their country will understand.
    3) Even with regulations and signs smokers will think they have the right to smoke anywhere they choose. They are disrespectful.


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