Parliament sitting adjourned amidst opposition MPs’ protest

The first regular sitting of the Peoples Majlis for 2015 was adjourned shortly after it began amidst protests by opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs.

MDP MPs called for the release of former President Mohamed Nasheed, who is currently in police custody until a surprise trial on terrorism charges conclude.

Speaker Abdulla Maseeh adjourned Majlis after forwarding the names of Moosa Ali Jaleel who has been appointed as Defence Minister by President Abdulla Yameen, Ahmed Saleem who has been appointed as Ambassador for Pakistan and Ahmed Akram who has been proposed by government as a member of Elections Commission to Majlis sub committees for further review.

Moosa Ali Jaleel was the Ambassador for Pakistan until he was appointed as Defence Minister after former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim was removed from the post and charged with treason.

Jaleel is currently facing charges of terrorism for his role in the arrest of Criminal Court Chief judge Abdulla Mohamed along with former President Mohamed Nasheed, his Defence Minister Thalhat Ibrahim Kaleyfanu, former Male’ Area Commander of military MP Ibrahim Didi and ex Colonel Mohamed Ziyad.

Former Deputy Secretariat of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ahmed Akram was proposed as a member of Elections commission after the term of one member had expired. Akram is relative of former MDP President Moosa Manik’s wife.