Perils of fundamentalism in the Maldives: International Security Observer

In recent months several newspapers, blogs and academic outlets have highlighted the tumultuous domestic skirmish between Nasheed and Waheed in the Maldives as well as the strategic balancing act of the archipelago state between India and China, writes Djan Sauerborn for the International Security Observer (ISO).

Surprisingly however the troubling rise of religious fundamentalism within the Maldives has not fully moved into the limelight of international media and organisations. This is especially astonishing, because the battle between moderate and extremist forces within the country not only has a strong impact on the upcoming elections in September but also on civil society as a whole.

Islam, which only decades ago did not play a major role within the public sociopolitical sphere, has turned into a divisive “game changer”. Moderate, peaceful and inclusive forms of religious expression are being violently pushed aside by adherents of fundamentalism.

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2 thoughts on “Perils of fundamentalism in the Maldives: International Security Observer”

  1. Everyone knows that democracy is the Trojan horse used by Adhaalath and other Islamists to turn Dhivehistan into a full theocracy. Question is what will the government do about it? Encourage it of course! The VP debates and the Presidential debates only proved that the candidates all backed an Islamic regime and stood behind power-hungry mullahs. These mullahs will pave the road for jihadi elemennts to flourish here. I say bring it on. Start the stonings and beheadings in earnest. That's the only way Dhivehistanis will learn. 🙂

  2. The majors reason for the state if affairs is incompetent elected members within parliament failing to research and bring into effect required key pieces of legislature plus the corrupt inept incompetent judiciary. I think the article identified this as well.

    We seems to be plagued by incompetency in turn it leads to more corruption


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