PG files second charge against MP Hamid for urine sample refusal

The Prosecutor General’s Office has charged opposition MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor with refusing to provide urine sample to test for illegal substances.

According to Haveeru, the charge against Hamid is in connection to incident in July 2012, when he refused to provide a urine sample to the police after being taken into custody near a police barricaded area for gathering people and for disobeying the police.

He is currently facing the same charge in another case from November 2012, where he was arrested along with other senior opposition members in Hondaidhoo – an uninhabited island – on suspicion of possession and consumption of alcohol and cannabis.

Opposition MP Abdulla Jabir who also was arrested from Hondaidhoo was last month sentenced to one year’s imprisonment for refusing to provide a urine sample.