Police appeal against campaign obstruction

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) has been receiving complaints that candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections are being prevented from disembarking on some islands for campaigning.

Police noted in a statement that the constitution guarantees the right to free expression for all citizens as well as the “freedom to enter, remain in and leave the Maldives, and to travel within the Maldives.”

Obstruction of campaigning is an offence under election laws, police stated, urging candidates and political parties to ensure that the run-up to the March 22 polls is smooth and peaceful.


One thought on “Police appeal against campaign obstruction”

  1. Do you remember when you carried out the same obstructions against our elected representatives, illegal occupiers?

    We don't like foreign imperialists on our soil. Be glad that we have not used armed force, yet. Your police boats will not fare well against ocean-skimming anti-ship missiles.

    Now sit back and enjoy a taste of your own medicine.


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