Police arrest 48 year-old man for allegedly molesting 10 year-old girl

A 48 year-old man from Hoadedhdhoo Island in Gaafu Dhaal Atoll has been arrested for allegedly abusing a 10 year-old girl over a year and a half, reports local media.

The child’s mother had began to suspect “something was wrong”, a source from the island told local media. The victim, a fourth grade student, then told her how the man had molested her.

The Hoadedhdhoo Island Council told local media the man had been arrested and was in police custody on Thinadhoo Island in Gaafu Dhaal Atoll. Police are currently investigating the case.


2 thoughts on “Police arrest 48 year-old man for allegedly molesting 10 year-old girl”

  1. Another homosexual predator attacks a child! Flay the pervert! Lynch him! Oh wait. My mistake. It's just a 40 year old man "making love" to a 10 year old girl. Where have I heard that before.

    If only this hapless pedophile knew that there are legal loopholes which allow him to abuse his victim. In the land of Dhivehistan, heterosexual child abuse is allowed (and even encouraged by the mullahs) if both pedophile and the victim are married. This is taught at school and many mullahs indulge in it.

  2. This is the 'ayesha factor'.....legal abuse of underage girls because muslim countries refuse to stipulate a minimum age of consent.
    How many witnesses.....only 'true believer' witnesses.....are required in sharia law to prove that the child was molested?
    Carry on flogging as they say........


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