Police arrest man for sexual abuse of two minors

Police have arrested a 47 year-old on multiple charges of sexual abuse against two minors over several days on Guraidhoo in Thaa Atoll.

Police said the man was arrested last night at around 9:30pm, under an arrest warrant.

According to the police investigation, the man was alleged to have been sexually abusing two girls aged 17 and 13 years-old.


4 thoughts on “Police arrest man for sexual abuse of two minors”

  1. Looks like another wanted an express path to heaven, by following the faultless leader.

  2. Oh, dear. Maybe he misplaced his Marriage Card? After all it is possible that these may be his wives. Under Dhivehistani law, polygamy and child marriage is legal. Although Dhivehistan acceded to the UDHR, we don't really care about its Articles - so slavery is legal as well, since it has never been formally abolished, AFAIK. So these girls could be his concubines as well. Why arrest this man, Dhivehistani CPVPV? He is simply following his holy mullahs.

  3. In from one door, out free from the next. That's how 'devine law' treats rapists.


    Of course, the children will be flogged by the sicko haveeru interviewed and tried to humanize.


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