Police arrest six MDP members on Bilehfahi island for disturbing the peace and throwing rocks

Police have confirmed that six men from the island of Bilehfahi in Shaviyani Atoll have been arrested after they allegedly threw rocks at some roofs and disturbed the peace of the island.

According to a statement issued by the police, three 23 year-old men, a 21 year-old man, 24 year-old man and a 32 year-old man were arrested. Police did not reveal their identities.

Police said an operation was conducted by Shaviyani Atoll Police Station after police were informed that the group of men were throwing rocks at houses and were exploding plastic bottles in areas where people live.

Police received assistance and cooperation from the people of the island during the arrest of the six men, they said.

Following the arrests, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) issued a statement saying that the six arrested were MDP members and they were arrested to obstruct MDP activities conducted on the island.

The MDP called the arrests ‘unlawful’ and called on the authorities to release the six immediately.

People had been throwing rocks at a café shop owned by a MDP member in the island and when it was reported to police, police said they were too busy and they did not have time to investigate the matter.

MDP alleged that the arrest was a setup planned by the council and police, and that the men arrested had played aq lead role in decorating the island for the MDP’s upcoming tour of Shaviyani Atoll.

In the statement the party called on the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), Police Integrity Commission and Prosecutor General (PG) to investigate unlawful actions carried out by the police.


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  1. MDP member should not be arrested and their leader Anni is a messenger from God and member are his servants.

    How come police arrest these innocent people ?


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