Police confiscate potentially ‘idolatrous’ stone statue from ibay

Police have confiscated an engraved stone statue put up for sale on local online auction website www.ibay.com.mv following complaints that the item could be an “idol of worship”.

A police media official confirmed to newspaper Haveeru that police seized the statue following reports from members of the public.

Police were determining whether the statue was “an object of worship,” the media official explained. If the statue was found not to be an “idol,” he said, it would be returned to its owner.

The owner, Hassan Jinah, meanwhile told the local daily that similar stone statues could be found in local shops.


2 thoughts on “Police confiscate potentially ‘idolatrous’ stone statue from ibay”

  1. A stone idol for sale in the 100% muslim nation of Maldives!!.....good heavens!!.....that is against the sunni muslim faith of Maldives!!
    If the stone turned out to be an 'idol' after all what sharia compliant punishment will be meted out to the owner I wonder?.....a good bloody flogging in public or the chopping off of a limb?
    By the way, when is the next tedious march to 'protect islam' going to take place in Male?.....its been weeks since the last one.
    I do visit this site often as the legal system of backward nations is a source of wonder and amusement to us Indians.

  2. speaking of legal system of backward nations for u is amusing when half the population of lives in rural areas where not even a health worker exists. does the iron clad Indians not have their own countries shame to hide?? we maybe small in comparison to urs (Indian). but we have survived because of our faith. talk of india is more provocative for u. but i have seen first hand how futuristic u ppl are. i feel pity for ur idealism. i love india but i do not like shit like u. i have thousands of indians as frndz and they would all agree with me here when i say that u need to go suck an egg. Gandhi gave u freedom of speech not to bad mouth others but to use it as a tool to help others.


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