Police confiscate six bottles of alcohol and a case of beer

Police have claimed they have confiscated six bottles of alcohol and a beer case in two raids on Tuesday.

According to police, the beer case was found inside a bag of a 17 year-old boy who was arrested near Villingili ferry terminal.

Police said a second man 18, was arrested along with the 17 year-old boy.

The six bottles of alcohol were discovered inside an apartment rented by expats, police said.

Two expats were arrested in connection with the case, police added.


One thought on “Police confiscate six bottles of alcohol and a case of beer”

  1. When Maldives laws do not prohibite alcohole for foreigners and allow them to have it in the Bar or resorts. Than why they are bringing in their residents. Some people(expats) want to hide from the society that they are drinkers so such people are doing this things. There are people who openly criticise alcohole taking and secretly themselves they are taking.


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