Police recover 330 beer cans drifting near presidential retreat of Aarah

Police have recovered 330 cans of beer found drifting near the presidential retreat of Aarah.

According to police, the beer cans were first seen by the crew of a passing boat and were reported it to police this morning at about 9:30am.

A team consisting of the police Drug Enforcement Department (DED) and marine police went to the area following the report and searched for the cans.

Last month, police discovered 52 cans of ‘Bintang’ beer drifting in the sea near Male’s West Park restaurant.

In March, police claimed to have discovered some beer cans and locally brewed alcohol at Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest camp near the surf break.


8 thoughts on “Police recover 330 beer cans drifting near presidential retreat of Aarah”

  1. Police claims of finding alcoholic beverages from important locations are commonplace and unreliable. Their claims have been aimed deliberately to tarnish the reputation of persons they hate or want others to.

    What do they do with what they collect? Where would the cans of beer they gathered today end up? Can the media follow up on this report and keep the readers posted?

  2. OK this time the beer cans drifting near Aarah must be what DR. Baqee Whaheed and his Baqee affiliates are drinking these days. Why doesn't the police point fingers at them.
    For the last 3 years anything found in the harbour or anywhere was blamed on MDP.
    What; they claim to have found at the protest camp was planted by them. It is a fact.
    I hear DED and Marine Police went in RIOT GEAR to get rid of the beer cans. For them it is like they are dealing with BOMBS' 🙂 But alas they consumed it all to quench their thirst from a hard days work and felt great.. MISSION accomplished

  3. Only 330 beer cans? Surely there must be more buried somewhere in the sand. Them Indian Police dogs would have found the Beer cache dho! Thats why the delay in getting police dogs from India....

  4. Arresting the beer cans is not enough.

    Where is the outrage and demonstrations, i want to see 100,000 or atleast 10 people on the streets of male', burning flags, burning buildings and demanding a stop to this beer can importing, we have to check if any of the leaked into the sea. If it leaked the fish in that area must be haaram.

  5. Bintang Beer is an Indonesian product, Adalath party should demand an apology from the Indonesian Government otherwise Maldives should put a trade boycott on Indonesia.


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