Police to charge four women for possessing alcohol

The police have sent the names of four women accused of possessing and using alcohol to the Prosecutor General’s office to press criminal charges against them.

Police identified the persons as Fathimath Salma, 23 of Feydhoo in Addu City, Aishath Rifna, 18 of Baarah in Haa Alifu Atoll, Aiminath Shaira of Manadhoo in Noonu Atoll and Maryam Sana of Male’.

According to police, the four were caught while they were inside a house in Male’.


3 thoughts on “Police to charge four women for possessing alcohol”

  1. In Dhivehistan there is no privacy for the ordinary peasants. However if you're a member of the elite or a tourist visiting one of the resorts, you can drink to your heart's content without fear. Funny isn't it, that the alcohol which oils Dhivehistani economy is forbidden for Dhivehistanis themselves? Peasants are good for mining the diamonds - to wear them and enjoy their beauty is a privilege of the elite.

  2. @Homosexual
    I agree with you for once, but wanted your opinion on the issue of police destroying vehicles rather than the alcohol and drugs in their possession.

  3. Facts: Drugs and alcohol can be sold to the international black market and resorts respectively, cars... well, there's not much demand for 'hot' cars in this region.


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