President’s Office alters Ramadan working hours after Hope for Women complaint

The President’s Office has again adjusted working hours for the Islamic month of Ramadan from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

The President’s Office had initially set working hours from 10am – 2:30 pm – reduction of 30 minutes from the working day follows a complaint by NGO Hope for Women.

The organisation said the initial working hours did not consider impact on women working in public service.

“In the Maldivian society, domestic responsibilities typically fall on women, with added work during the month of Ramadan for the preparation of the meals for the family in time for breaking fast,” said the NGO.

Women make up a majority in the Maldivian civil service. There are 11,655 women and 8,858 men.

Hope for women also suggested the government’s decision was influenced by the late hour football matches of the ongoing World Cup tournament which it claims is causing many government employs to attend work late.


One thought on “President’s Office alters Ramadan working hours after Hope for Women complaint”

  1. I want to start Ramazan now and finish early, and another 14 days holidays afterwards.

    If you dont, i will talk about how good the following are : GMR, MDP, Anni, Gasim, etc, and that you are not religious.

    And you know the public is stupid enough to believe everything! They will oust you!


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