CSC statistics show 40 percent of civil servants paid less than MVR 5000

Statistics published by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) shows an estimated 40 percent of civil servants are paid less than MVR 4999 (US$ 324).

Of the 24,742 civil servants, 9,914 are paid up to MVR 4999, while the large majority (14,380) are paid between MVR 5000 and MVR 9999 (US$ 648).

Only 373 civil servants are paid between MVR 10,000 and MVR 14,999 while only 75 are paid above MVR 15,000 (972).

A majority of civil servants are employed in administrative work (7,495) and as teachers (7,036).

The Education Ministry and Health Ministry employ the largest number of employees at 9,860 and 7,405 respectively.

Statistics also show women outnumber women in the civil service. There are 11,655 women and 8,858 men.