President calls on country to put “national stability” ahead of political affiliations

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has called on the people of the Maldives to put “national stability” ahead of political affiliations, local media has reported.

The president was quoted by newspaper Haveeru during a recent ceremony as claiming every citizen in the country presently faced the risk of being stabbed or harassed on the country’s streets.  He also pointed to unspecified “obstacles”  over implementing law and order in the country.

During the ceremony, which was held to meet with Thiladhunmathi Atoll residents, President Waheed also reportedly called for amendments to the constitution would be required to strengthen the Maldivian political system.

He added that with the abrupt changes seen in Maldivian politics as a result of the people, the public did not wish to “go back”, Haveeru reported.

The Maldives held its first ever multi-party democratic election in 2008.