Police task force formed to combat gang activity

The Maldives Police Service has announced the formation of a special task force designed to try and combat gang activity across the country.

A police spokesperson confirmed today that the task force, which will aim to tackle activities “criminal or otherwise” carried out by suspected gangs, has been linked to several separate stabbing incidents that have occurred in the capital in recent days.

Working under the Specialist Crime Command, the task force has been devised to monitor gang activity, while also working to hasten prosecutions of guilty parties, according to police.

Combining members of the police Forensics Directorate, Intelligence and Covert Policing Command, Information and Communication Directorate, Central Operations Command, as well as technical staff from the Divisional Operations Command, police have said the task force was now active in areas where gangs were suspected of operating.


One thought on “Police task force formed to combat gang activity”

  1. these will be just a paper and talks and nothing will be done on concrete basis.

    Since these gangs are supposed to be financed and run by the biggest political shots in the country and it is impossible to tackle them.


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