President grants clemency to two convicted criminals

President Mohamed Nasheed has granted clemency to two convicted criminals who were found guilty of drug related charges, reports SunFM.

SunFM reported that the two were identified as Ahmed Izhan Rasheed, Green Lily, Male’ and Ahmed Imsaah of Lhaviyani Atoll Naifaru.

The Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service (DPRS) told SunFM that both of them were released according to the Clemency Act and that if they committed any crime their sentence would be reinstated, in addition to any further sentences.


4 thoughts on “President grants clemency to two convicted criminals”

  1. Wow! "Ogatheri" President indeed! He just forgot to mention "... to all criminals and hooligans"

  2. To Editor Minivan news
    please be kind enought to publish full details ,
    was the released prisoners serving time for drug abuse or drug trafficking
    how long had they served sentence prior to been given clemecy
    Or is this article written with the intent of creating more dissent or causing public intrigue and outcry

  3. Must be MDP thugs " activists" he realased them so that they can disrupt the peaceful Zuvaan protests agaisnt the inept economic policies of this yellow government.


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