President invited to 4th International Islamic Conference of Bait Al Maqdis

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has been invited to attend the 4th International Islamic Conference of Bait Al Maqdis in Palestine as guest of honour, the President’s Office has confirmed.

President Waheed has been invited to the conference, which is scheduled to take place in early June, by his  Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas on the back of ongoing efforts to expand bilateral relations with the Maldives.

The President’s Office said that Dr Waheed’s invitation was personally delivered yesterday (April 21) by the Ambassador of Palestine accredited to the Maldives, Dr Anwar Al-Agha.

After handing over the invitation, the ambassador also praised president Waheed’s work to uphold Islamic culture in the Maldives, while also commending his efforts to strengthen bonds with Arab countries.


2 thoughts on “President invited to 4th International Islamic Conference of Bait Al Maqdis”

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