President Nasheed addresses the nation on National Day

In his speech early this morning of 15 February, President Nasheed celebrated the Maldives’ National Day by addressing the nation at a special ceremony held at Jumhooree Maidhaan.

The President said the Maldives has a long and proud history of freedom, and its history of independence was among the longest in the region. He also said it was a time to look back at the history of the country and consider the challenges that lie ahead.

The President made a special mention of Mohamed Thakurufaanu, the hero of the National Day. He said it is necessary to look back at the wars and struggles that were fought in the past, which signify the freedom Maldivians have today.

The national flag was hoisted at Jumhooree Maidhaan, and throughout the streets.

The ceremony concluded with a special supplication.