President Nasheed celebrates Majeediyya’s 83rd anniversary

President Mohamed Nasheed spoke at a function to celebrate the 83rd anniversary of Majeediyya School yesterday morning.

President Nasheed said the school has never resisted change and noted it was the first school to incorporate digital technology in their teaching methods.

The president launched the “Majeediyya Goes Digital” programme at the ceremony yesterday, for which the school has installed digital technologies in all its classrooms. It includes a digital notice board, digital count-down board and a short message system for the school, parents and students to communicate.

President Nasheed commended the principal, teachers and staff for the success of the school, noting the school’s management has strengthened since the school board was installed.

The president added the government would work to accommodate students from grades 1 to 10 in Majeediyya School.

After the ceremony, President Nasheed taught math to a grade 10 class using the newly installed digital blackboard.