President praises Maldives’ “biggest sporting achievement”

The Maldives national cricket team have been greeted back in Male’ by President Mohamed Nasheed after their triumph last week in the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Trophy Challenge 2010, which he labelled as the country’s “biggest sporting achievement” to date.

The president congratulated the team for their efforts after they defeated Saudi Arabia by a single wicket during the tournament finale in Bangkok, after they had overcome a number of regional teams to secure the title.
Nasheed stated that the victory highlighted the potential for further development of cricket in the country.

This year’s Trophy Challenge tournament, which began December 4, 2010, saw eight teams including China, Brunei, Iran and Myanmar compete against the Maldives.

The victory sees both finalists promoted to the ACC Trophy Elite tournament in 2012, where they will face teams such as Afghanistan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


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