DRP celebration ends in factional brawl

A meeting of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) last night came to blows when Umar Naseer, the party’s Deputy Leader prior to his dismissal by the party’s disciplinary committee, and his supporters gatecrashed the venue.

The meeting was being held in celebration of last Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, which saw seven cabinet ministers departing their posts after their reappointments were disapproved by the opposition-majority parliament.

“We don’t really know what happened,” said Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam, of last night’s incident at Ghiyasuddin International School.

“We know the Vice President of the DRP Umar Naseer tried to enter and there was some disturbance inside. People tried to attack each other but police intervened.”

Shiyam noted that while some people were claiming to have been injured in the fighting, “police haven’t received any official reports.”

“There was damage to chairs and a table,” he said, but added that police would not be following the matter “as no one has requested an investigation.”

Local media reported that a glass table in front of DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was smashed after supporters of Naseer forced their way into the venue while former Attorney General Azima Shukoor was speaking.

According to newspaper Haveeru, Shukoor called an end to the meeting and described the clash as a “dark and regretful” night in the party’s history.

Deputy Leader of the DRP and Spokesperson Ibrahim Shareef alleged today that Umar Naseer was attempting to attack and hurt Thasmeen during the meeting, which he said was attended by 3000 people.

“There were two stages – at first [Naseer’s] supporters came in; there were about 25-30 of them. 40-50 including his security detail,” Shareef said.

“There was uproar and both Thasmeen and the Speaker [Abdulla Shahid] were removed by their security detail.”

Naseer’s dismissal from the party was followed by an acrimonious war of words with Thasmeen and allegations that he and Shahid were bribed by GMR – allegations Shareef described as “totally fake”, and “ a dirty tactic to discredit the Speaker and the Party Leader.”

The dismissal of Naseer led DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf to speculate last week that “there will be a split in the party for sure.”

“[Naseer] is someone with a lot of support in the party, and to date he has done a lot of work for us. He is very loyal to the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom,” Mahlouf said.

Shareef alleged today that the main goal of Umar Naseer and his supporters was now “to dislodge Thasmeen from the leadership of the party.”

“They are urging people not to vote for the official DRP candidates in the local council elections, over SMS and telephone,” he said.

“They are doing everything they can to rebel, and hope to change the party’s constitution in the 2012 congress so they can elect their man to the leadership post.”

He acknowledged that the factional fighting could have a have “a negative impact on our election prospects [in the local council elections], but not that much.”

“”Thasmeen as a leader is cool-headed and wise, and does not use such populist tactics,” Shareef said.

“We know that some of the new government’s policies are not right, such as the airport concession for GMR. But at the same time we would not support a hijacking of the airport – we have to use legal means and not damage the nation’s economy. We will not use terror tactics.”

Shareef observed that Naseer were saying they had the backing of “the Honorary Leader” – former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

“We don’t know how true that is,” Shareef said. “I don’t think it is in anyone’s interest – including that of the Honorary Leader – for us not to unite and win the election.”

Shareef said he had observed among Naseer’s supporters “many activists belonging to the coalition [People’s Alliance] party”, which is led by the former President’s brother in-law, Abdulla Yameen, and together gives the opposition its parliamentary majority.

Despite the coalition partnership, Yameen filed a civil court case against Thasmeen in February seeking repayment of debts, reported in local media to be around US$100,000.

“I don’t know how involved the coalition leadership is in this,” Shareef said, adding that he did not believe the present factional infighting would jeopardise the coalition or its parliamentary majority.

Rather, he said, “I think the dispute comes from a belief that we are not being aggressive enough, that there is not enough direct activism, and that therefore we are not fighting the government.”

“Our view is that if the government is doing something good for the nation, we will back them. We believe we have a role to help govern.”

Umar Naseer and DRP MPs Mahlouf, Ilham Ahmed and Ahmed Nihan were not responding to calls at time of press.


31 thoughts on “DRP celebration ends in factional brawl”

  1. alhamdhulillah! let drp fall further and further till the country again becomes a one party state ruled by Mdp!

  2. I think DRP as well has a chance to get rid of people that are childish in the party. It should stop its support for the people's alliance party as it is one of the weakness just as Umar Naseer is a bad apple with a bad history. Even the worst of people can redeem themselves by repenting and being honest about their past, but when they are not, then you must be cautious because they can take you down with them if you get too close.

  3. Every child and adult knows that Umar Naseer is a total failure. We also know that the "Honorary Leader" and his half-brother Yaameen are behind this half-wit called Umar.

    Umar is a puppet that's being pulled by the hands of the "Honorary Leader" and the "Coalition Partner". Umar Naseer is a Trojan Horse with the express purpose of keeping the interests of the "Honorary Leader".

  4. Umar Naseer is a caveman, once a thug always a thug, lock him up before he causes even more trouble. No doubt Ali Waheed will bleat that the MDP had influenced him to cause trouble.

    Seriously, what do expect from a bunch of bullies who have already thrown their toys out of the pram?

  5. This is disgraceful.

    A strong democracy needs a strong Opposition. I'll be more than happy to see Umar and his boyfriends split away from the party, and be replaced by some civil, respectable folk that I'm sure DRP has.

    At the same time, ugly spectacles like this in public are shameful considering this is the largest opposition we have.

  6. alhamdhulillah! let drp fall further and further till the country again becomes a one party state ruled by Mdp!KHARLUES

  7. Umar vs Thasmeen.

    Umar is a national sports start and an accomplished person. Thasmean lives on his fathers enormous wealth only. And a completely incompetent at what ever he does.

  8. the end result of the factional fighting within drp means the emergence of a new political party.

  9. hahaha. this is hilarious. Watch this space . When closer to elections more rifts will take place. For some reason yamin will depart the "coalition". Hassan Saeed will depart the "coalition" and so would buruma. All are after power. Coz all of them know what maumoon ,family and gang enjoyed for the last 30 years. Money. And LOTSSS of it.

  10. possible movie titles of that event. GO!
    Attack of the Clowns
    Clash of Deputy Leaders
    come on guys...

  11. Is this worth a comparison? Umar is a failed person (not even worth calling a politician or a leader). One day he will call Gayoom biggest dictator and the next day he thinks Gayoom is god.
    What a waste of time because of clowns like this.

  12. whilst maldivians are engrossed in party politics and bluntly expressing their new found freedoms...our closest neighbor sri lanka is gearing up for serious competition with upcoming 5 star ++ resorts and hotels, casinos promising a more dynamic tourism experience. next year, they will reach over a 1 million tourists, something maldives could not even do last 30 years.

    but hey, lets not talk about that, its only our blood line, lets rather talk about how Umar naseer gate crashed drp party...

  13. Ultimately Umar will win in his cause, although we hate him. Thasmeen can't avoid primaries. Members will force him to do that.

  14. There goes the much publicized "Grand Opposition Alliance". Umar is pet of Gayoom and is performing his role of 'çreating obstacles' for Thasmeen Ali perfectly. Definitely, Gayoom wants to come back and this is all drama to make way for Gayoom's 'grand return' to party to save DRP, country and have his revenge. Just wait and watch.

  15. There goes the "Grand Opposition Alliance". Umar is pet of Gayoom and is performing his role of 'çreating obstacles' for Thasmeen Ali perfectly. Definitely, Gayoom wants to come back and this is all drama to make way for Gayoom's 'grand return' to party to save DRP, country and have his revenge. Just wait and watch.

  16. It was always obvious that Maumoon is behind all this. He is the one pulling the strings behind Umar, Mahloof, Ilham etc.

    Maumoon can never leave politics. The guy is a lunatic. He is acting like a madman (sending letters to the PM of UK) and will not stop at nothing to get rid of Thasmeen.

    Mamoon though that the government is now weak and he should quickly jump in to take over DRP and contest again in 2013.

    Thasmeen had always known this and has insulated himself with enough loyalists in the Council to prevent being ousted. Umar is just a puppet doing the bidding of our old man.

    Meantime, the arch devil, Yameen and his side kick Nazim have been busy under mining Thasmeen in the hope of become the Presidential candidate of a "DRP/PA Alliance".

    Now that Maumoon has come of the shell, we have several candidates trying to grab the reins of DRP in order to become the Presidential Candidate of the Opposition. They are:-

    1. Maumoon (the ever young old man)
    2. Thasmeen
    3. Yameen

    The show gets even more interesting. On the side of the stage, Gasim is hoping to become the common Presidential Candidate of DRP and his own Party.

    Hassan Saeed is perhaps looking at the fighting and hoping some one will ask him to come and take over.

    It's all very entertaining! DRP was finished the day Maumoon lost. It was a zombie trying to walk (since the election) and has now been buried again! Thank God!

  17. Backbone Mahir should have got justice for the inhuman cruelity at the Maldivian jails, and we would have avoided all this confrontation.

  18. Money matters .... and who in DRP has got the money and willingness to spend it on the Party ??? Gemanafushi black shortie???? Galolhu EX-Footballer ... The Fire fighter cum Submariner ???? 0 $'s dho ... Thats why Thasmeen's cool ... despite the cashflow deficits hez still got bit of liquidity plus valuable assets .... Thas can cooly hum ... "then la la laa...."
    Wanna change the situation at DRP then give up the reigns to Yante and Buruma ... simple "Party Vikkaalaa".

  19. @Ilyas Ahmed,

    True. But what if Thasmeen makes a new party? If formed, this new party can cut all the votes of DRP. Result, MDP will gain. What will Gayoom gain then? I think, Gayoom, Gasim, Yameen will merge. But who will be Gayoom's running mate? Financer (Gasim)? or Family (Yameen)?

  20. @hussein ali on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 10:18 AM. Spot on!!! We are stuck in a garbage load of politics while sri lanka is gonna surpass us in tourism. Very true!

  21. @ Zeenat

    Thasmeen will not form a new Party. See what happened to Hassan Saeed!

    So, everyone will keep fighting Thasmeen till he agrees for a primary (as he has hinted).

    Maumoon panicked and spilled his cards when Thasmeen ousted Umar, who was a thorn in the side of Thasmeen planted and controlled by Maumoon. So are Mahloof and Ilham (all remotely controlled by Maumoon.)

    It would be difficult for Yameen to join Maumoon and Gasim. Gasim might accept to be the running mate of either of them but Yameen can no longer control his thirst for the Presidency and would prefer to contest for the top position.

    At the same time, Maumoon will see Yameen as a liability if chosen as a VP. So the chances of these 3 joining up is slim.

    There are some more surprises to come within the next two years. By the time the it's all clear, Maumoon will be history. So will be Yameen.

    Anni will ensure this! he is the smartest of them all!

  22. I think its time Umar to address that Thasmeen to return the money taken from BML, so that we citizens can live a better life.

  23. Thasmeen should have used his brains while he had his chance, by not falling to the trap of dictator Gayoom and his sorcerers. I guess it's too late now. I just wish Gayoom and all his cronies just get vaporized, so that some responsible people can come up with a responsible and a mature opposition party.

  24. ......the young educated DRP members should be ashamed of thmsleves by now. If they have not realized how much the old generation is using them, then I guess the must bought the degrees they hold.
    ..its time for development and Maldives notr move an inch further with this kiddish personal politics...
    ...as we shine with mount blanc pens and expensive ties fighting over petty issues in parliament, our neighbour sri lanka keeps growing better and better taking whatver little tourist market we have
    ....many of DRP young members have been to seychelles..they should understand politics better. once the richest destination with the top three world beaches, is now nothing but a poor nations of beautiful islands with empty hotels....you cant even get a dollar!
    wake up guys before we become refugees!!!!

  25. This is sad. We need to have an impervious opposition, be it DRP or MDP, especially in a fledgling democracy like the Maldives to succeed. It would be quite appalling if Maumoon is orchestrating this wrongdoing and it would be quite demoralizing for his zealous supporters to support him in future. I wonder why Maumoon has been silent all these days?

  26. @ Ilyas Ahmed,

    True. But I feel that Maumoon will go for Presidentship with Gasim as his running mate while Yameen will be given some important portfolio (Def or Foreign).
    However, Thasmeen being party leader should act like one lest Maumoon will finish him. And what about AP? Will Mumoon too would entertain them with any portfolio?


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